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My publisher will match every pledge to send a Geek Manifesto to MPs

In The Geek Manifesto, I wrote about how skeptics had begun to use a website called to assemble a critical mass of people to complain about quacks making unsupported claims. I was delighted when Dave Watts decided to use … Continue reading

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An interesting set of Geek Manifesto reviews

Several reviews of the book have hit the papers and the blogs today. James Wilsdon, in the Financial Times, concludes: The Geek Manifesto is the most compelling, engaging and entertaining account I’ve read of the relationship between science and politics. … Continue reading

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The Geek Manifesto on GM crops

On Sunday, an anti-GM crop group called Take the Flour Back is planning a “day of mass decontamination” at the site of a trial of GM wheat run by Rothamsted Research — a public sector agricultural research organisation. The aim … Continue reading

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An interestingly critical review

The Geek Manifesto was always written “on the understanding that not all geeks will agree”. And now it’s been published, that disagreement is starting to come through. To which I say brilliant. If the book provokes plenty of constructive thinking … Continue reading

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Let’s send the Geek Manifesto to every MP…

In the book, I cover the way skeptics such as Simon Perry have used an online tool called Pledgebank to aid their campaigning — in Simon’s case, against dodgy claims made by alternative medicine practitioners. The idea is that you … Continue reading

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Twitter’s reaction to the Geek Manifesto launch: a Storify

The reaction on Twitter to the launch of the Geek Manifesto last weekend was pretty amazing. Here are some of my favourite tweets collected into a storify… [View the story “The Geek Manifesto launch” on Storify]

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The Geek Manifesto: media roundup

Some great coverage for The Geek Manifesto in the media this week. Here are a few highlights, plus links to a couple of pieces by me. David Aaronovitch gave the book, and the ideas behind it, a fantastic write-up in … Continue reading

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