Buy the book

The Geek Manifesto was published on May 10, 2012, by Bantam Press.

It’s available on here.

It’s also available as an eBook — the Amazon Kindle edition is here, and it’s on the iBookstore too.

The Audiobook is available from iTunes, Amazon and SoundCloud.

Links to other retailers can be found through my publisher’s site.

A sample chapter, The Geek Manifesto: Why Science Matters to Government, is available to download as an eBook for 50p.

2 Responses to Buy the book

  1. Alan says:

    Is Mark’s book an abridged version of the one with the same title by Mark and Tom Lawrence and if so, what is the difference, apart from the price? !’m wondering which one I should get. PS I first heard about the book on BBC Radio 4. Sounds very interesting.

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