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Four questions…

Thanks everyone who has commented here over the past few days, or who’s been in touch with me with their thoughts and ideas. It’s much appreciated and tremendously useful. I thought I’d mention the four main questions I’m keen to … Continue reading

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The rise of the geeks

One of the key things I’m looking to do in The Geek Manifesto is to chronicle and celebrate what I call the “rise of the geeks”. I’m thinking here of the way in which, over the past couple of years, … Continue reading

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Science isn’t just for science: my contribution to

I’ve contributed a short piece to John Brockman’s annual question. This year, he’s asking: “What scientific concept would most improve everybody’s cognitive toolkit?” My answer is about the methods of science, and how they can be applied more widely … Continue reading

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Introducing The Geek Manifesto

Some of you will know me. Some of you won’t. I’m Mark Henderson — I’m Science Editor of The Times*, and I’m also currently writing a book about science and politics. It’s called The Geek Manifesto, it’ll be published next … Continue reading

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